There is a line in a Doctor Who episode written by Russell T. Davies that talks about the allure of the supernatural world. In the episode Queen Victoria is asked if she misses her deceased husband, “Very much. Or completely. And that's the charm of a ghost story, isn't it? The scares and the chills, that's just for children but the hope of some contact with the great beyond, we all want some message from that place. It's the Creator's greatest mystery that we're allowed no such consolation. The dead stay silent and we must wait. Come! Begin your tale sir Robert. There is a chill in the air, the wind is hollowing through the eaves, tell us of monsters.”  

 That line sums up why there is such a great deal of interest in the paranormal for many people. When we die, what’s next? Is there even a “next?” Solving the great mystery of life after death is pursued by thousands of paranormal investigators around the globe. Religious leaders have faith but paranormal investigators want evidence. That’s what brought of the preeminent paranormal investigators to Ballinger, again.

 Chad Lindberg has been in such high budget box office successes as “The Fast and the Furious,” and “The Last Samurai.” His other credits include television roles on “Supernatural,” “Criminal Minds,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “CSI:NY,” “Law & Order: SVU,” and “ER,” among numerous other roles. He tries to answer the questions, “What next?” “What is it like on the other side?”

 While acting is his profession, investigating the paranormal is his passion. Lindberg held a “Face Your Fears” ghost hunt at the Olde Park Hotel in Ballinger on Saturday, June 13th. It was also the third anniversary of Dan and Connie Lafave purchasing the hotel.

 Lindberg is not your typical movie star/actor. He was dressed in a tank top, jeans and cowboy hat, just like any hundreds of other men in west Texas. Lindberg is genuine, he’s honest, he’s friendly and he’s available to anyone who wants to talk to him. He doesn’t have bodyguards or handlers and he isn’t narcissistic as you might expect the stereotypical Los Angeles movie star to be. He’s just Chad. When you meet him for the first time, you feel like you’re talking to an old friend. 

He brings a great deal of energy and excitement in all that he does and fully embraces the paranormal world.

 Lindberg said that the event was completely booked, “I’m thankful for everyone that comes to these events. A lot of these people here come to my events time and time again. I appreciate all of them.” 

 The event was Lindberg’s second visit to the hotel, “The last time we were here, this place was really active. It’s an awesome place to come investigate the paranormal. This hotel has been in Ballinger in one form or another for over 100 years and it’s just an amazing place.”

 Lindsay Senter is Lindberg’s manager, girlfriend and also a paranormal investigator herself who helps set up these events and conducts sessions of paranormal investigation. Senter was asked about coming into contact with ghosts, “People can be haunted by family members, strangers but you can establish a rapport with certain spirits. Sometimes it can be nice ghosts and sometimes it’s ghosts that aren’t so nice.”

 There were 20 slots available for guests who paid up to $150 for the VIP experience. There was a dinner for guests at a cost of $65. There were regular tickets available at $100 each. The event sold out quickly and it was like a homecoming for Lindberg. People who knew him came up to hug him and discuss his last ghost hunt at the hotel, “These people, all of them, they are just fantastic. It’s beyond words. I’m so grateful for the friends I have here in Ballinger.”

 Paranormal investigators came in from San Angelo, Dallas and other cities to be part of the paranormal investigation. Natalie Jones, the lead investigator and founder of Ghost Hunter Girls was at the event along with some of her high-tech equipment. Dylan Lane from Concho Valley Paranormal also attending with his camera and equipment to try and capture images of the spirit world. There were several other professional paranormal investigators as well. Many of the guests were just people interested in finding out more about what is on the other side of life. The event started about 8 p.m. The first hunt ended at 1 a.m. and the VIP hunt ended at 2 a.m.

 The guests were divided into 2 groups. One group went with Lindberg on the ground floor of the hotel and the 2nd group went upstairs with Senter. Along the way the investigators said that they caught some EVP (electronic voice phenomena) as well as some images.

 Guests were invited to use their own recording devices as Lindberg set up his computer in the hallway to record EVPs along with a speaker so everyone could hear the voices from the other side. The entire area was dark except for the glow of Lindberg’s computer. The atmosphere was set from the beginning with handprints discovered on the wall just under the 12’ high ceiling, much too high for anyone to reach without a ladder. Recorders picked up EVPs regularly as Lindberg commented, “This area is very, very active. It’s incredible. There are spirits everywhere and they’re communicating with us.” At one point a recorder picked up a voice saying, “David” and “Burn.” Another time the device picked up a voice that completed Lindberg’s sentences before he did. The voices that they say are from spirits spoke regularly with one, two or three words spoken at a time. The darkened hallway and vacant rooms added significantly to the feeling of the eeriness of the ghost hunt. At one point the device called out the name, “Dillon,” at least twice. Lane Dillon said that he had conducted investigations at the hotel previously.

 The time passed quickly with the 5 hour investigation seeming like it was less than an hour. The energy was high as the guests of all ages enjoyed the experience and tried to understand what the spirits were saying to them.

 The entire time of the hunt Lindberg was energetic and excited. He sat alone in a hallway and invited the spirits to communicate with him while the guests watched with eager anticipation.

 After it was all said and done, guests had more hugs and words of appreciation for Lindberg and Senter. They vowed to return in the future for another investigation at the hotel, “I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the people who came out here. We shared experiences together that we will not forget. A lot of these people have come to my events before. Some drove 8 or 9 hours to be here and that’s heartwarming. You just never know what you’re going to come up against or what kind of energy that you’re going to experience.” Lindberg had some final words of appreciation for the guests, “Thank you ladies and gentleman. Thank you and bless you all. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you coming here.”

 The Connie Lafave also spoke, “This was so great. We just love Chad. We absolutely love him.” Dan Lafave also commented, “It (the paranormal) was really active tonight. It was a fantastic event and we welcome Chad and anyone else who might want to come and investigate the paranormal.

 Jones had a camera that would pick up paranormal active. She picked up several images during the hutn. Jones spoke about her experience at the ghost hunt, The SLS (structured light sensor) camera is a paranormal device which maps out the presence of spirits. You can ask them to wave or raise leg to establish intelligent communication. Usually when there is an entity/dark energy presence the stick figure with look contorted and not "human-like." They are true to size as well. I had a child show up in an investigation that was crawling around on the bed with me next to the haunted doll that it was attached to.

I was at the Olde Park Hotel in March with Concho Valley Paranormal and we uncovered a lot of shocking communication with the spirits, which confirmed some of the history and rumors. This was my first time investigating with Chad. I hope to work with Chad a lot more in the future and investigating with him. We seemed to have a good click and connection as paranormal investigators. 

I have been to the Olde Park Hotel twice now and I plan to return. There seems to be an aggressive male on the lower level down the hallway in the very back left room that does not like other make presence. The presence was affecting Chad at the end of the night and also threw a light bulb at Dylan Lane from Concho Valley Paranormal at one of the prior investigations. My favorite room is the yellow room upstairs. As an intuitive empath I had an experience on the first investigation, which left me disoriented through the entire investigation. The account of this experience can be found on the Ghosthunter Girls Youtube channel. The link to all social media is through my website

 Lafave said that there are already some events planned that they still have tickets available for. July 26th is a regular ghost hunt for $25 per ticket. August 2nd is a lockdown ghost hunt and we only have 9 slots left for that one at $50 each. You can also book the hotel for your own ghost hunt. There are guest rooms with beds, dressers and other furniture for ghost hunters to use. And if you’re sitting in the hallway or laying bed and feel something brush against you, that timorous feeling might be a warning that something unseen is also using your room.

 If you go to the hotel, it’s recommended that you take some sort of voice recorder (you don’t always need a special device to pick up ghostly comments), a camera and a good bit of courage because even if you don’t believe in ghostly beings, you might change your mind by the time the night is over.

 You can find The Haunted Olde Park Hotel on Facebook and at 107 S. 6th street. Contact the Lafave’s at (325) 718-2662 to make reservations.