Texas congressman Mike Conway (R-District 11) recently gave an interview to the newspaper in which he discussed some of the on-going frustration with the current political landscape in Washington D.C. and road blocks he says that the Democrats have put up regarding many of the issues.

 One subject Conaway is passionate about is the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, “If a baby survives an abortion attempt and is born, the doctors should be required to attempt to save the child’s life. But they aren’t required to at this time. If you treated a dog like that people would go to jail. I don’t know how that they could be that cold-blooded to a child. It’s not about women’s rights or women’s health. It’s about the rights of the unborn being trampled on. If a child survives an abortion attempt, the physician and caregivers should be required to perform life-saving attempts on the child. The pro-abortion advocates are so strong within the democratic caucus that they are thwarting our attempts.”

 Conaway also addressed the Democrats’ continued pursuit of charges against President Trump, “Early on, when the Democrats started exhibiting signs of what is referred to as ‘Trump Derangement syndrome,’ we just ignored it but you look at where the Democrats are now, how fixated they are on putting the president down and on trying to impeach him. They’ve investigated President Trump; they’ve investigated his family and his businesses. It all seems deranged to me. The system is not doing what it should be doing. There are immigration issues out there, getting operational control of the border and other issues that they should be addressing. They’re wrapped up in trying to investigate the president. We just had another hearing yesterday in the intelligence committee. The Democrats have tried to push this narrative that Russian President Vladimir Putin is on Trump’s side. Back during the election they tried to push that false narrative in case they lost, everything to try to delegitimize the winner. It’s exactly what the Democrats have done since that election. They’ve danced to Putin’s music by playing to that narrative. Putin can just sit back and watch us tear ourselves apart.”

 Conaway also addressed the Mueller investigation, “The Democrats just knew that the Mueller investigation was going to be the holy grail for them. But it wasn’t. There was on evidence of collusion so now they’re talking about him doing business with Russia when he was campaigning. He did do business and there isn’t anything wrong with that. It was a commercial venture, a business transaction with the Trump tower. Having casual and business relations with people isn’t against the law. If President Trump had done something wrong, Mueller would have found it. He had 19 crackerjack attorneys working on that investigation and the cream of the crop in FBI investigators. There were no time restrictions, he was given all of the time, resources and money that he needed. But the Democrats are pushing Trump as a bad guy while ignoring the economy that is moving up, ignoring tax cuts, ignoring regulatory relief he’s provided to business across this country, ignoring his work on the border. They’re trying to hide from his successes behind a fake narrative that they’ve created.
 One topic that has been hot on social media the last two years is the subject of the Electoral College. Democrats and others have gone on record saying that they want to replace the Electoral College. Conaway addressed the Democrats calling for abolishing the Electoral College system, “Well, when you don’t win by the rules you try to change the rules. Every time this subject comes up I’m amazed at how wise, intelligent and inspired our founding fathers were. They had these exact arguments going on back then; big states VS small states, popular states VS rural states; how do you balance that and keep everyone at the table. The Electoral College keeps everybody at the table other than just the popular vote. Those guys were geniuses, quite frankly, because but for the Electoral College, you campaign in Texas, Florida, California, New York and that’s about it. The rest of the country would be irrelevant to elections. That’s not conducive to keeping a union together when wide swaths of the country are being ignored. The Democrats had this knee-jerk reaction, if it was popular vote then we would have won so lets change the rules.”

 Conaway says that the Democrats have been blocking funds for ICE and HHS and the negative way in which it impacts children, “It’s interesting how cold blooded the Democrats are, that there are children sleeping on the ground at facilities. We have letters from HHS that they’re trying to process 1900 kids but they only have 700 beds. That math doesn’t work. Regardless of how the kids got there; the circumstances, their parents making bad decisions, those kids need to be taken care of. HHS is overrun and they can’t treat the children the way we expect children to be treated. HHS is about to run out of money. A lawyer was just on the floor asking the Democrats to give us money just simply to take care of the kids. Put in an exemption, don’t let the money go to the wall or whatever you want it, but they’re the ones refusing to give money to care for these children and ignoring the humanitarian crisis on the border. They’re in charge of the House (of Representatives). They have the power. This is all Pelosi. If she wanted to get it done, it’d get done. It’s their blind hatred of Trump and vindictiveness to go after him that is causing much of this.”

 On June 11th, which was Conaway’s 71st birthday, the congressman had a conference call town hall with many of his constituents. One issue brought up during that conference call was by the superintendent of Paint Rock ISD, Ron Cline, addressing the needs and requirements for people to become bus drivers, “One pressing issue came up today. It came up about bus transportation of students. We have people that go get training to become bus drivers. It’s a very high demand kind of thing. We need to get more bus drivers. The powers that be almost require that each bus driver is almost a mechanic. It’s making it harder and harder for people to become bus drivers when there is such a high demand.” Conaway said that he took the matter seriously and would work to find a solution, “One of my people will visit with you tomorrow. We’ll look and see if there is something that we can do. That problem has come up before. Big cities have training centers but that isn’t the case in rural America. We’ll take a look at it and get someone to call you.”

 Another hot-button topic that came up during the conference call was term limits. Social media and news channels have been abuzz for months regarding people demanding term limits for senators and congressional representatives. Many people have said that the officials should be limited to a specific number of times that they can be elected. Conaway said that there are already term limits in a sense, “I wouldn’t vote for it (term limits). It’s the wrong solution for a problem. I’ve been here a long time, ¾ of the members of the House have been here a shorter amount of time than me.  If you put term limits, you say that the faceless people can dictate governing.  There are term limits. I’m limited to 2 years every term. If I don’t make you happy, you can run against me or vote for someone else. If I earn your vote, I should be able to continue doing this job. If I’m not earning your vote, then you can vote for someone else. If you think someone like Pelosi, from her district, would vote for someone else different from her then you don’t understand the issue.”

 Congress has about 6 weeks before they adjourn for the month of August. There will be a follow-up interview with Rep. Conaway after the congress adjourns