Most residents of Ballinger and Runnels County know about the Ballinger business owned by Landy and Jacklyn Cason at 802 Hutchings Avenue, Cason’s Mercantile. Their store offers a variety of vintage and new items that run the gamut of interests. They also do embroidering but the back of the shop is just as interesting as the front of the shop because in the back Cason has a PEMF machine. PEMF stands for Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy. At 62 years old and in better shape than most people half his age, the sight of Cason sitting at his desk with mason jars of water bubbling brings forth images of a mad scientist, but the good kind of mad scientist. Cason is a friendly, amicable and intelligent man who turns customers into immediate friends with his conversation. He genuinely cares about people and it shows.

  The water in those mason jars is water that Cason is purifying to a fine degree. Then he makes ozonated water by adding in almost pure silver and copper via electrolysis. Many local residents and a few out-of-towners come to the shop to get treatments from the PEMF machine and to purchase the ozonated water. The devices have been cleared by the FDA for various treatments. The machines around the world are officially used to heal non-union fractures, glioblastomas and depression.

  Cason got certified on PEMF on December 15th, 2016 and has been going strong ever since. Its popularity has helped carry the store. People of all ages have come in to get treatments that can be done on a mat for the torso or via a halo device that is placed over the head.

  Electromagnetic therapy has been in use since the invention of electricity. It’s long been widely accepted in east and west Europe but only recently gained popularity in North America. One area it’s been used in is veterinary medicine, where it’s been used extensively to heal fractures in the legs of race horses.

  The first PEMF system was approved by the FDA in 2004 as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery. Electricity’s potential for healing bones was reported on back in 1841. It was not until the mid-1950s that scientist gave it serious consideration and started studying it. The machine consists of a coil that generates a magnetic field. A frequency generator is used to energize the coils to create a pulsed electromagnetic field. Many of the devices are sold and marketed as FDA registered wellness devices. The companies that sell the machines are only allowed to market them as “general wellness products” and not permitted to make medical claims of effectiveness in treating any diseases.

  Cason has experience with people who suffer a wide range of diseases such as COPD, Multiple Sclerosis, osteoarthritis, etc. One person who comes by for PEMF time suffers from a rare condition that is a connective tissue disorder. There are fewer than 200,000 cases of the disease reported every year. The disease is a genetic connective tissue disorder and is very painful. Cason says that the person has experienced some easing of the pain from the disease but stops short of making a claim of medical effectiveness, due to the restrictions by the FDA. People who have received PEMF treatment for various conditions claim that the machine did help them.

  As I was interviewing Cason a couple stopped in that had been traveling for a few hours and were taking a break on their journey home. The man said that his back was aching from sitting for so long in the car. Cason invited the guy to try out the PEMF machine. After a few minutes on the mat the man stood up and said that the pain and stiffness in his back had disappeared. Cason did not charge the man. As a matter of fact, Cason doesn’t charge anyone for his or her first treatment.

  Cason’s interest in helping others is a family trait. His grandmother, Grace Bott, was a “healer”. In 1941 she purchased a Tesla coil machine for giving treatments to people, “She helped patch people up and she showed me how to sew myself up,” Cason says as he talks about the help she provided to others. “She lived in Rankin and had a beauty shop. She lived in a tent city and walked 2 miles to work and back home every day”, he points out as we look at her Tesla coil machine. Cason owns the machine now and it still works as he demonstrates it to me, “I feel like when you grow up seeing someone helping others, it makes you want to help people as well.”

  Both the PEMF machine and Tesla coil help the body heal itself. Cason, in addition to having the PEMF machine, Tesla coil and ozonated water also has a Bob Beck blood cleanser. The blood cleanser also uses magnetic pulses to do its job. Dr. Beck was a research physicist who invented a method to pass the necessary microcurrents into blood while it still flowed undisturbed in the body.

  In a time with rising medical costs and pharmaceutical companies choking the airwaves with a new medication seemingly every week, and every medication with some side effects, a PEMF machine that helps the body heal itself would seem to be a good alternative, at least worth a free try. Return visits are reasonably priced at $10 for 15 minutes or $20 for 30 minutes, a small price to pay if it gives you lasting relief.

  Cason continues the work that his grandmother started all those years ago in her beauty shop and at the tent city in Rankin.