BALLINGER — The Ballinger Education Foundation donates mini-grants to students and teachers within Ballinger ISD. The student mini-grants are for high school juniors and seniors for $250 while the teacher mini-grants are $500.

At the foundation board meeting on Aug. 6, the board read “thank you” cards it had received from students who were the recipients the grants last year and who have now gone on to college. The money that the board grants to the students pays dividends by allowing them to pay for their dual credit courses and thus entering

The Foundation, founded in 2004, has helped numerous students and teachers over the years. Only one member remains on the board since December of 2006, Elaine Paske. She has been part of the $23,000 that the board has awarded over the last 12 years. Currently the board has over $23,000 to be awarded via the mini-grants.

According to a press release by Kay J. Smith, an original founding member of the board, since July 2015 over $4,500 has been awarded to students for dual credit course while seniors have received over $10,000 in scholarship money. Teachers have been granted almost $8,000 since that time. The money the teachers receive helps them fund their projects that are not covered by the school district budget. According to the foundation’s webpage, the money bridges the gap between school district funding and the teacher’s initiatives.

During the meeting on Aug. 6, the board added Dolores Guebara as a member. Guebara is the owner of Acapulco restaurant in Ballinger as well as being a member of the Lions Club and the Rotary Club.

“I’m looking forward to my time on the education foundation board,” Guebara said. “I enjoy helping people and look forward to helping teachers and students.”

The board also discussed the additional positions that they want to add and appointed board members to new positions. Tyler Smith was voted in as chairperson, Cathy Elliott was appointed as the treasurer and Sheree Goetz is the new secretary. Other foundation board members are Paske, Sarah Ruiz and Justin Busenlehner.

The foundation is looking for more members of the community to join the board. New members are needed as some of the board members have recently moved on while at the same time they want to add a few more positions. The board meets once a month during the school year, usually on the first Monday of the month, unless it falls on a holiday. The meetings are held in the city council chamber at city hall. If you are interested in joining the Ballinger Education Foundation, contact Malisia Goetz at Ballinger City Hall.