Educational opportunities are growing in Waxahachie with the expansion of the Life Waxahachie High School.

The school has acquired two commercial buildings to the east of the campus on Butcher Road, which will be remodeled for additional classroom space. Construction on the first phase of the project is slated to start in August.

Shawn Thomas, director of operations, stated he is thrilled about the opportunities for learning that the expansion will bring to students in the future.

“When we built the high school we had programs in mind and built the school to a certain square footage. Since then, we have expanded all the things that we have to offer students,” Thomas said. “Many of our teachers are sharing space and adding these new classrooms will allow them to have their own classrooms.”

Life Waxahachie High School broke ground in April 2014 and then welcomed students to campus for the 2015-2016 school year. Enrollment at the school is around 970 students, and the current building has a capacity of 1,000. The Life charter school system has been a part of Ellis County since opening in Red Oak in 2003.

“The first phase that we are starting on this summer is primarily going to be science and computer labs,” Thomas said. “We also have a health program that is going to be expanding into that first building in the science portion.”

Thomas stated the expansion would help to continue to grow Life’s Career and Technology Education program.

“One of the things happening now is that people are interested in the health field. So we are able to do that through our health and science classes, and have expanded our programs,” Thomas explained. “This year, and the last couple of years, we have taken core classrooms and tried to make them into health, but these new classrooms are going to be much bigger where they can spread out. The technology will be hirer end.”

Thomas noted the first phase remodel is set to open in January 2019. The 11,200-square foot building will have three computer labs, three science classrooms, and one classroom for a core subject like math or English.

Phase two of the project is set for 2020 and the third phase in 2022. The third phase would join the two buildings together enclosing a space that is currently used as a parking lot. With the completion of the last stage, the school could have the ability to serve around 1,200 students.

Thomas stated this is an exciting time for the school.

Those who would like to a make a donation to the project can go to the Life School’s district website at www.lifeschools.net