Father's Day is a day for dads all over the country to be honored for their contributions to the family unit and by their children.

Father’s Day is a day for dads all over the country to be honored for their contributions to the family unit and by their children.

So it is the day that dads everywhere, can put their feet up and enjoy a great meal and perhaps a nice beverage or two and just plain relax.

But there are some historical facts that go along with this day – so I thought I’d help readers brush up on the history.

Father's Day officially began in 1910 in Spokane, Washington, where 27-year-old Sonora Dodd proposed it as a way to honor the man who raised her when her mom died in childbirth. Dodd was at a church service thinking about how grateful she was for her father when she had the idea for Father's Day, which would mirror Mother's Day but be celebrated in June -- her dad's birthday month.

The movement grew for years but didn't gain national-event status until 1924 under former President Calvin Coolidge. He said it would "establish more intimate relations between fathers and their children" and "impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligations," according to the Library of Congress Wise Guide.

The holiday gained traction during World War II, and in 1966 President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday of June to be Father's Day. President Richard Nixon made it a federal holiday six years later.

Today, Father's Day has a passionate following, with about three-quarters of Americans telling the National Retail Federation they plan to celebrate on Sunday.

Here are a few more facts and stats about the holiday.

According to the U.S. Census there are more than 70.1 million dads in the U.S. – and believe it or not, about a third of those dads are married and have kiddos under 18.

But there are single dads too – about 2 million of them. And, guess what a growing demographic is the stay-at-home dad – currently there are about 214,000 of those, according to International Business.

Spending on Father’s Day reached a record $15.5 billion last year with the average family spending about $120 on presents – I don’t know if that includes beer…But that pales in the amount spent on Mother’s Day each year, about $21 billion the retailers say.

But dads are incredibly hard to buy for- you can’t just send them flowers. It’s a tough call. My dad had everything – so I never knew what to get him. I know one thing he would have appreciated – a recliner – he sure loved his. In his later years, when he really did have everything, I took to giving him unique games – for example, one year I gave him a Rubick’s Cube. He taught Algebra and Trigonometry when he was “in the kid business” in Odessa, so he appreciated anything that could be considered a brain game. I also gave him a Calvin and Hobbes book one year to give him a daily chuckle. Of course, he always smiled when I presented him with a bottle of Chivas Regal in that nice purple bag…

Some gifts for the farmers and rancher dads are always fun - how about a box set of

John Wayne movies or the ”The Official John Wayne Way to Grill: Great Stories & Manly Meals Shared By Duke’s Family.”

On the food front, a good assortment of steaks might get the job done or an assortment of steak seasonings to go along with that John Wayne book?

For all you dads who have been out harvesting wheat, planting cotton or playing golf, you might like a fancy shaving kit with some nice moisturizers – hey – it’s not unusual for dads to groom themselves.

But you know what, perhaps around here, dads in this part of the world may want to follow the lead of German dads and just spend the day drinking beer!

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!