BALLINGER - There were many winners announced during the Ballinger High School Spring Sports Banquet held Monday, May 7.

BALLINGER - There were many winners announced during the Ballinger High School Spring Sports Banquet held Monday, May 7.

There were awards presented for top accomplishments in football, basketball, baseball, cross country, track, power lifting, golf and tennis.

Phil Simms, who has broadcast games through the years, introduced Lynn Smith, known as the “voice of the Ballinger Bearcats,” and presented him with a plaque for 35 years of dedication to broadcasting the Bearcat games on KRUN AM.

In football, Jace King was named Offensive MVP while Cooper Bean was named Defensive MVP.

Lady Cat Sydney Bowman took three honors - as MVP in cross country and as most improved in Lady Cat basketball and received the “Fighting Heart” award for track . Her cousin Kinley Bowman was name Lady Cat MVP for basketball.

Lady Cat MVP for track was Elyssa Korn-Flores and Luke Huston was named MVP for Bearcat track.

In Lady Cat softball, Daniella Luna and Kenzey Sanchez received co-offensive MVP honors while Lauren Jalomo was named defensive MVP.

In Bearcat baseball, Cody Harral received the Silver Slugger award while Jon Marcon received the Golden Glove award.

Chance Parker was named Bearcat basketball MVP, while Edgar Nunez was most improved.

Skylar Plant was named MVP for girls tennis and Lady Cat golf.

Tyler Sensabaugh was tennis MVP and Jace King walked away as golf MVP.

The complete list of award winners is as follows:


Offensive MVP: Jace King

Defensive MVP: Cooper Bean

Fighting Heart: Adolf Medina

Michael Thornhill: Caleb Ornelaz


Lady Cat MVP: Sydney Bowman

Bearcat MVP: Andres Garza


Lady Cat MVP: Shaianne Luna

Bearcat MVP: Divad Briones


Lady Cat MVP: Kinley Bowman

Most Improved: Sydney Bowman

Fighting Heart: Brenda Martinez

Trent Ueckert Award: Vivian Guerrero


Bearcat MVP: Chance Parker

Most Improved: Edgar Nunez

Sportsmanship: Cody Harral


Lady Cat MVP: Skylar Plant

Bearcat MVP: Ty Sensabaugh


Lady Cat: Skylar Plant

Bearcat: Jace King


Lady Cat MVP: Elyssa Korn/Flores

Fighting Heart: Sydney Bowman

Bearcat MVP: Luke Huston

Fighting Heart: Joe Marcus Mireles


Co Offensive MVP: Daniella Luna & Kenzey Sanchez

Def. MVP: Lauren Jalomo

Fighting Heart: Grace Rutledge


Silver Slugger: Cody Harral

Golden Glove: Jon Marcon

Fighting Heart: Jon Binder