Republican Chad Seay will move on to the general election for Lubbock County commissioner in Precinct 4.

Seay won with 59 percent of the vote, beating incumbent Patti Jones who received 41 percent. A total of 3,919 votes were cast in the race.

At a watch party at the Republican Party Headquarters in Lubbock, Seay said he appreciated how many constituents voted for him against an experienced incumbent.

"They were either really disappointed with her or they're happy with my message," he said.

Seay will go up against Democrat T.G. Caraway in the November general election.

"I can stand my ground against anyone," Seay said.

During his campaign, Seay signed a Tax Payer Protection Pledge, saying he would not vote to raise property taxes. If he does, then Seay says he will voluntarily make it his last term. With multiple years of commissioner-approved, county employee salary increases being a topic in both county commissioner races this primary cycle, Seay is also pledging to pursue lowering the salaries of county commissioners if elected.

Owner of Southwest Aqua Sports and Cornerstone Construction, Seay said if elected, he will approach the position as if he is running another business.

Jones has represented the northwest section of Lubbock County, which includes Shallowater, for four, four-year terms.

Early in the night at her watch party at The Shack BBQ, Jones thanked her supporters.

"Thank you to everyone who has been involved," Jones said. "From those who have helped walk blocks, who have made telephone calls, those who have given money - everyone who has done everything they've done - I've had wonderful support. I can't say enough about what everyone has done."