Runnels County Jail log Feb. 14-19.

Dylan J. O'Leary, 24, Coleman, Coleman warrants-tamper/fabricate evidence, possession controlled substance, unlawful carry weapon, engage in organized criminal activity; bond $72,500.

Carlos D. Juarez, 40, BPD, DWL w/previous conviction; bond $4,000.

Derek S. Whisenhunt, 45, BPD, DWI third or more, unlawful carry handgun w/license, bond $22,000.

Michael W. Jones, 27, Coke DPS, driving while license invalid; bond $1,000.

Cole A. Reyna, 31, RCSO, abandoning/endangering child, evading arrest or detention with motor vehicle; bond $35,000.

Larry D. Allcorn, 54, Coleman, MTR-engange in organized criminal activity, MTR-theft of service; no bond.

Jacy C. Overstreet, 26, Menard, assault family violence; bond $3,000.

Robert V. Castillo, 59, DWI third or more; 10 days jail.

Emmanuel Garcia, 36, RCSO, Judgement NISI/DWLI previous conviction; bond $4,000.

Michael H. McElvaine, 19, WPD, assault family/house member, resisting arrest, abandon/endanger child imminent danger; bond $45,000.

Joe E. Martinez, 51, DPS, DWI third or more; bond $7,500.

Jose Galvan-lopez, 50, BPD, DWI/open alcohol container/open container; bond $1,750.