The Waxahachie Project will be semi-launching two community-focused websites during its quarterly celebration at Freedom Fellowship International on Thursday, Feb. 15.

As leaders in Waxahachie continue to come together, a director of The Waxahachie Project, Andy Lehmann, said, “It’s really our time to celebrate what we’ve accomplished what we’ve done the past couple of months and look ahead to what we have coming next.”

This quarter, the celebration will focus on the recent accomplishments with the resourcing task force that has partnered with the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce. Through this partnership, the two have provided a more profound and knowledgeable learning experience for leaders through the program Leadership Waxahachie.

“We are always wanting to add value to our leaders, and by partnering with the chamber, it has allowed us both to offer a greater value to leaders regarding networking and growth,” Lehmann elaborated.

After conducting months of research, residents and leaders concluded that the city needed a portal to connect people with volunteers in town. Data showed that community awareness and engagement was vital. Now, members of The Waxahachie Project have created a website for people find services that are available and how to access them.

“It’s a website that you can go to that catalogs needing food, addiction recovery, temporary shelter, tax assistance, anything that anyone would need. It’s going to have it right there,” Lehmann elaborated.

The second digital platform they are semi-launching is geared toward finding local opportunities for volunteers. The site is designed to help a person find a chance to serve their city through their passions and interests. Lehmann called the website a “one-stop shop in making a difference in the community.”

Matt Authier works with The Waxahachie Project and also serves as a Trustee on the Waxahachie School Board. He stated, “It’s hard when you are not from here, but you want to help, and this gives them a button to click and a website to go to, so here’s a place where you can get plugged in. I see this as a benefit for those who are moving in.”

It will be the first time for the organization to launch the digital platforms at the quarterly celebration publically, but they are only in the beginning beta test stages. From now until June, leaders and organizations will test the system to fish out any glitches.

“Our vision is to unite the leaders of the city to work for the good of the city,” Lehmann added. “There are six different task forces, doing six different things but I don’t want us to take on too much at once. We are talking about leadership development for the city and helping people access all of the services in our city and mobilizing volunteers throughout our city.”

The quarterly celebration is open to all leaders in Waxahachie. The first half of the meeting starts at noon, and free Chick-fil-A will be served. At the beginning of the celebration, members of The Waxahachie Project will give an overview of everything that’s been accomplished.

From 12:45 p.m. —1:30 p.m. people break into their task forces being proactive in crossing items off their agenda. In the meantime, there will be a Waxahachie Project 101 for newcomers to be informed on the history and research.