BALLINGER - A historic home in Ballinger tragically burned on Thursday, leaving a family without a home before they had fully moved in.

BALLINGER - A historic home in Ballinger tragically burned on Thursday, leaving a family without a home before they had fully moved in.

On Thursday Ballinger firefighters responded to a fire at 1201 8th St. where the historic home was fully engaged.

The Ballinger Fire Department responded with two units and a ladder truck and stayed on the scene for more than three hours to make sure the fire was completely extinguished, according to Assistant Fire Chief Brent Allen.

The home, owned by Glenda Bryan of Winters, was not occupied at the time the fire was called in at 10 a.m. However, Bryan had rented the home to a single mother with four children and at the time of the fire.

While the firefighters were on the scene, battling the relentless blaze, Bryan and her daughter Becky Airhart, also of Winters, stood and watched the house burn.

“All of the grandchildren spent time in that house,” Bryan said as she watched firefighters cut the window panes from an upstairs window to gain access to the upper floor.

“I remember spending all of our holidays in that house,” Airhart said as she stood by her mother across the street watching the fire. “There were a lot of memories there.”

Trish Farr, 30, a Ballinger native, was moving back from San Antonio, and by Thursday, had moved all of the clothes for herself and her four children into the home.

Farr said the electricity had been on, but that she had to meet a technician from Atmos Energy there early Thursday to have the gas turned on.

She said she was so excited to move in to the home and that her children, Heaven, 13, Melody, 10, Landon, 4 and Bryntley were also looking forward to living in the home.

“It was beautiful,” Farr said. “The rooms were humongous.”

Farr while the technician was hesitant, he turned on the gas and gave the all clear.

“Not long after that I got a call that the house was on fire,” Farr said. “I felt so bad for Mrs. Bryan.”

Bryan said she was thankful that no one was in the home at the time of the fire and that everyone was safe.

“The good Lord was shining down on her that day,” said Bryan who has rented the home from time to time over the years.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, but officials said the both the gas and electricity had been turned on over the last two days.

Bryan and her husband Joe, own the home which was purchased by her mother and father, Wesley and LaVerne Shelton in 1956.

According to the Runnels County Appraisal District, the home was built in 1930 and is currently on the tax rolls for $44,000.

The official cause of the fire has not been determined, however, Allen said the fire started in a downstairs bedroom.

Once again, when the community heard about the fire, clothing donations started pouring in for Farr and her family.

“I cannot believe how fast Ballinger came together,” Farr said. “We are totally good on clothes now. What we cannot use, we are donating back to Community Pantry.”

By Monday, Farr had gotten a lead on another house near Miles.

Overall, she expressed thanks and gratitude.

“It has been a rough couple of days but we will survive,” Farr said. “Everything is replaceable - we are just thankful no one was hurt.”