We know how difficult it can be to stay on track with your New Year resolutions, but we’re here to help with some tasty and varied options for you. Throughout the month of January, we’ve decided to dive into all the goodness of nutritious food and further promote the importance and benefits of feeding your body what it needs to thrive.

Don’t fret, carb lovers, bar food aficionados and hearty meal fans, we’ll still maintain a healthy balance of indulgence with assorted “guilty” dining pleasures throughout the year. For now, let’s focus on some of the fresh, nourishing choices available in our local area, more specifically with one of our newly discovered favorites, Greens & Lemons in Mission, Texas.

*En route to our destination*


Trisha: I’m ravenous! Oooohhh, LOOK, Mrs. G’s!!! Are we sure we don’t want to do a feature on tacos this month? (LOL)

Gaby: Haha! No, but we can always come back this way and pick up tacos for dessert. (wink)


In our blinding hunger, we got a bit turned around when attempting to arrive at the eatery. So many different little plazas along 495 Pecan Blvd, you can’t really blame us for getting confused.


Trisha: Where is this place? Is that it?

Gaby: No, I think it’s the next one. Oh, wait! That was it back there. Yeah, we passed it.

Trisha: Boo, okay, a quick u-ey ought to fix us right up!


Upon walking into Greens & Lemons, we were instantly greeted by friendly staff and quickly surrounded by bright, vividly colored walls showcasing creative designs, frames and chalkboards displaying a myriad of menu items and positive, motivational quotes promoting clean eating. Poke bowls, smoothies, salads, health-boosting power shots like the Wake-up (Apple & Ginger), etc….how could we NOT want to order one of everything off the menu?


Trisha: Whaaat?! Buffalo Cauliflower? Ummm..yeah!

Gaby: I was looking at the very same thing, but look at these Meat Empanadas. Hold up. There’s spinach empanadas, too! Are we sure all of this is healthy?

Female server: I can include two of each in your order, if you’d like?

Gaby & Trisha: *simultaneously* YES, please!


Shortly after demolishing any evidence of our scrumptious appetizers, our server arrived at our table with the entrees, a Croisalmon (Grilled Salmon, tomato, onion, spinach, avocado and goat cheese in a warm fresh croissant), Fish Tacos (three corn tortillas with grilled flounder, cabbage, apple and spicy mayo served with a side of black beans), and last but not least, The Drowned (chopped beef, avocado, tomato and onions drowned in special sauce). Talk about a feast fit for a queen. We devoured the wholesome food and washed it down with some mouth-watering, freshly made cucumber lemonade . ZERO regrets!

As if that weren’t enough, (we might have a slight weakness for amazing food) we also delighted in dessert by sharing a generous slice of Mango Mostachon. Yeah, there was none of that left either. What can we say, we’re fully dedicated to our research and providing you with the detailed findings.

Treat yourself to the healthy and delicious menu options at Greens & Lemons when stopping by 2707 E Griffin Pkwy, Mission, Texas. You can contact them at (956) 800-1327, or visit their website at www.greensandlemons.net for more information on their weekly meal plans and healthy cooking classes. Don’t forget you can stay updated on their daily specials and events by following them on their various social media outlets @greensandlemons.

Gaby Jones and Trisha Watts work hand-in-hand with the service industry. Jones is in charge of craft and imported beer for L&F Distributors and Watts is the communications director for Visit McAllen. Each week they will have a new adventure and provide an opinion on various locations throughout the Rio Grande Valley.