Runnels County Jail Log Dec. 21-31.

Billy J. Shaw, 35, Coleman, blue warrant; no bond.

Joelda Esquivel, 27, WPD, possession controlled substance; bond $10,000.

Epifano Reyna Jr., 43, DWLI w/previous conviction, without financial responsibility; bond $5,000.

Harrison M. Guedry, 18, Concho, theft of property; bond $5,000.

Michael J. Darei ng, 43, BPD, MTR-community service, child support, open container, bond $1,700.

Jesus Reyna, 35, self surrender, warrant-possession marijuana, bond $1,000.

Christopher A. Loehman, 33, WPD, assault family violence; bond $2,000.

Mary D. Horton. 40, RCSO, tempering/fabricate physical evidence w/intent to impair; bond $5,000.

Christopher L. Hemmingway, 35, RCSO, aggravated assult w/deadly weapon, unlawful possession of firearm by felon, tamper/fabricate physical evidence w/intent to impair possession vessel/motor w/serial number destroyed/removed/altered/defaced; bond $13,000.

Carmen L. Dutschmann, 42, RCSO, theft by check, S/W; bond $5,000.

Kimberly K. Ramby, 50, Coleman, sentenced 10 days county jail (DWI third or more); no bond.

Shaley L. Abney, 23, WPD, theft, bond $750.

Mara M. Emslie, 21, WPD, possession controlled substance, possession marijuana; bond $6,500.

Joe P. Adams, 69, WPD, public intoxication; bond $250.