Runnels County Jail log Oct. 2-9

Michael A. Mendoza, 27, Concho, MTR possession of a controlled substance, Travis County, MTR possession of marijuana, Travis County, W/W theft of firearms, gaines County; bond $80,000.

Brandon Lawrence, 30, WPD, DWLI w/previous conviction; bond $1,500.

Mason G. Jean, 23, Miles PD, unauthorized use of a vehicle/stolen vehicle, evading arrest detention w/previous conviction; bond $20,000.

Joe H. Tolliver, 72m RCSO, DWI third or more, sentenced; no bond.

Bryan R. Adams, 24, Concho, DWI, possession dangerous drugs; bond $20,000.

Nancy J. Moore, 27, WPD, interfering with child custody; bond $5,000.

Martin R. Ortiz, 27, RCSO, DWI second; bond $2,000.

Jonathan R. Jones, 31, DPS, possession of a controlled substance, possession marijuana; bond $6,000.

Newt J. Hagle, 44, WPD, DWI second; bond $2,500.

Kevin R. Gray, 48, WPD, public intoxication, PR bond $250.