There is one seat on the ballot for the Ballinger Independent School District Board of Trustees in the Nov. 7 election and two cadidates have filed to run for the position in Single Member District 1. Incumbent Manual Galvan will face Chad McDuffee in the election.
There was no opponent for the seat in Single Member District 6, so incumbent Dale Halfmann will retain the seat.
Early voting begins on Monday, Oct. 23.

Name: Chad McDuffee

Occupation: Retired Army, News.

Education: Bachelor of Sports and Health Science.

Clubs, organizations: Veterans of Foreign Wars, Ballinger Lion’s Club.

Family: Jaslyn wife of 15 years, Jayden Rivera 16, Justin Rivera 13, Nathan Rivera 12, Alana McDuffee 8, Chaz McDuffee 6, Cade McDuffee 5, Amaya McDuffee 2.

What are the most important issues you want to address if elected to the board of trustees for Ballinger Independent School District?

The most important thing that I want to address is our kids. Are we doing the best for them and what can we do better? I always hear parents complaining about bullying in the school not being handled properly, if at all. Why is this complaint so common? What can we do to make school somewhere our kids feel safe and not a place they fear to go? Currently we have kids that live in Ballinger going to school in other districts, because their parents don’t feel like Ballinger is taking care of them. Our Ballinger campuses should be the number one choice for all children, not just some.

Another concerning thing for me is our cafeteria. Through no fault of the people working within the school cafeteria, kids are not eating the school food. I have, again heard complaints from many students and parents. Many kids are bringing their lunches from home, when they shouldn’t need to. An unfortunate fact within our district is that this lunch meal might be the only meal some children will have for that entire day. For those kids, are we doing everything that we can and providing them the best?

What do you think you can bring to the district if elected?

I feel that the most important thing that I can bring to the district is a new perspective. Being that I have never served in an official capacity before, my thoughts are not affected by any previous events or actions. I will go in with a clear mind able to start fresh. I have known for many years that I wanted to be involved in the education process. I received my Bachelor’s in Sports and Health Science, as well as receiving my teaching certification. I have been a teacher of record and continue to substitute regularly in the classroom. I can bring the unique perspective to this school district of a former student, teacher and parent. In my free time I spend a lot of extra time with kids from this school. I have coached junior high and high school 7 on 7, youth basketball and youth softball. I have made a commitment to helping the children from this district become the best they can be.

What do you feel qualifies you for a position on the BISD board of trustees?

Besides my 11 years in the Army, Ballinger has been my home since the day I was born. I know this school, this town and the people in it.

On my second deployment to Iraq I was the Battle NCO for a Military Police Brigade. Of the 5,500 people assigned to us in my time there I had to make decisions daily with the welfare of everyone, from the lowest ranking soldier to the highest ranking, at the forefront of my mind. This is something that I will do as a member of the BISD Board of Trustees as well. Every child’s welfare and best interest will be equally as important to me in every decision.