Runnels County Jail Log Aug. 7-14.

Christopher C. Chambers, 36, Coleman, parole violation; held without bond.

Bradley W. Horton, 28, BPD, burglary of habitation; held without bond.

Brian A. Frazier, 34, RCSO, warrant-theft; bond $1,000.

Christian L. Clayton, 43, BPD, DWI third or more.

Jeremy L. Molina, 37, RCSO, display fictitious motor vehicle registration; bond $2,000.

Kevin D. Salazar, 33, Coleman, possession controlled substance, bond forfeiture possession controlled substance, bond forfeiture burglary of building; bond $85,000.

Brandon R. McDowell, 20, Coleman, burglary of building; bond $7,500.

Tamara N. Seideman, 37, RCSO, bench warrant-manufacture/delivery controlled substance; bond $50,000.

Pablo T. Esquivel, 34, RCSO, warrant-DWLI w/previous conviction, Coke Count; bond $1,000.

Malori A. Stone, 38, DPS, DWL w/previous conviction; bond $1,000.

Austin W. Russell, 26, DPS, possession marijuana, prohibited weapon knuckles.

Wendy M. Rose, 31, Coleman, possession controlled substance; no bond.

Ruben C. Ovalle, 33, RCSO, possession controlled substance, possession marijuana; surety $7,000.

Charley Spiller, 30, Concho, forgery financial instrument, theft of property; bond $13,000

Frank L. Hutchings, 27, Concho, manufacture/delivery controlled substance; no bond, sentenced to TDC.

Patricia A. Aguilar, 39, RCSO, S/W possession controlled substance; bond $2,500.

Laekyn Dickinson, 23, RCSO, S/W possession; bond $7,500.

Scott L. Stuart, 28, Coleman, possession controlled substance; sentenced no bond.

Jeffrey P. Rivera, 26, Coleman, S/W assault to child, two times; surety $10,000.

Faron M. Wallace, 36, Coleman burglary of building; no bond.

Natalie A. Vasquez, 22, Coke DPS, possession marijuana; bond $1,000.

Steve Salinas, 44, DPS, DWI third or more; surety $5,000.

Isreal Aragon, 29, Texas Parks Wildlife, DWI first; bond $1,000.

Raymond R. Avila, RCSO, possession marijuana; bond $1,000.

Cecilia R. Garcia, 36, Coke, DWLI w/previous, possession marijuana; bond $7,000.

Juan G. Santiago Lopez, 25, Concho, public intoxication; $300 cash bond.

Matthew W. Daniels, 34, Concho, burglary of building; no bond.

Ramiro O. Reyna, 47, BPD, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession controlled substance, manufacture/delivery controlled substance, forgery financial instrument, possession marijuana.