Runnels County Jail Log July 28-Aug. 7

Curtis C. Garrison, 45, Coleman, violate protective order; bond $5,000.

Ruben J. Cavasos, 27, WPD, possession of marijuana, possession controlled substance; bond $20,000.

Christian R. Wilson, 31, Coke, distribution of harmful material to minor; bond $25,000.

William E. Partain, 34, BPD, possession of drug paraphernalia, public intoxication; bond PR $250 and PR $250.

Darrin M. Culwell, 45, Coleman, burglary of a habitation; bond $15,000.

Nathan I. Vardeleon, 20, RCSO, possession of marijuana, possession drug paraphernalia; bond $6,250.

Paul M. Fostey, 20, RCSO, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia; bond $6,000 and $250.

George W. Oechsli, 56, Concho DWI w/open alcohol container; bond $1,000.

Zachary N. Mallory, 30, DPS, DWLI w/previous conviction; bond $1,000.

Mario Esquivel, 30, RCSO, criminal trespass.

Eta T. Agbor, 35, Coleman, manufacture delivery of a controlled substance, tamper fabricate physical evidence w/intent to impair; bonds $60,000.

David A. Pittsley, 38, RCSO, warrant-criminal mischief, bond $2,500.

Austin Nichols, 21, RCSO, hunting from vehicle from public road; no bond.

Curtis C. Carroll, 23, Concho, prohibited weapon, possession controlled substance, possession controlled substance, possession dangerous drug; bonds $37,000.

Cassidy A. Blakely, Coleman, DWI second, accident involving damage to a vehicle; bonds $9,000.

Susan M. Carver, 44, Coke, assault bodily injury/family violence; bond $6,000.

Derick D. Smith, 36, BPD, Tom Green County warrants, S/W unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, S/W possession of a controlled substance; bonds $10,000.

Wesley A. Evans, 35, BPD, DWI; bond $2,000.