WINTERS - When you walk in the newly opened Frutas Locas in Winters, you are likely to pour over the menu a while to find just the right treat or snack to feed your cravings.

WINTERS - When you walk in the newly opened Frutas Locas in Winters, you are likely to pour over the menu a while to find just the right treat or snack to feed your cravings.

Owners Danny and Vanessa Martinez, opened the shop, located 137 N. Main St. in downtown Winters on May 19 and they are serving up a huge variety of handmade sweets, ice cream or paleta treats as well as a variety of snack treats, that originate on the west coast of Mexico, near Mazatlan, where Vanessa is from.

Vanessa is the chef, and everything served in the brightly colored bistro is made fresh daily.

“I love to cook,” Vanessa said. “I have done it all my life.”

Frutas Locas, which is Spanish for “Crazy Fruit” opened May 19. The Martinez’s revamped the building, formerly a beauty salon, and it now features a festive combination of colors, reminiscent of the sweet treats they serve there.

But the biggest surprise is the street food, which is not of a variety found in this the Tex-Mex part of the state. The Martinez’s operated out of a trailer last year.

“We wanted to buy a building so people could sit down and enjoy the food,” Danny said.

Danny, 36, got his first taste of what he calls “street food,” when he met his wife 13 years ago when he was stationed at the U.S. Navy base in San Diego. He is a winters native, graduating from Winters High School in 1999.

He moved his family, which includes children Roger, Stephanie and Daniella back to Winters after getting out of the Navy in 2012. The Martinez’s have since added a fourth member to the family, baby Destiny, who is eight months old. Danny is the son of Danny Martinez Sr. and wife Dora.

Vanessa, 33, hails from Caliacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, which is about an hour away from Mazatlan.

On the beaches they serve delectable street foods like “Tosti Locos,” which is a bag of Tostitos, slit open, with brisket, barbecue sauce and Pico de gallon on top. Or Tosti Ceviche, which is Tostitos, with ceviche (shrimp and Pico de gallo, cured in lime juice and Clamato) or corn on the cob, which is swathed in mayonnaise, sour cream, butter and Queso Cotija, sauce. They also have shrimp cocktail, corn in a cup, and a variety of sweet and savory fruit cocktails as well as “Cueritos” which are flattened pork rinds topped with a variety of items, such as brisket, shrimp or guacamole.

“It is street food in Mexico and my wife wanted to bring it here,” Danny explained.

“I like she has brought what she ate as a child to west Texas.”

But the sweet treats are all the rage, especially in the summer time. Vanessa makes all of the ice cream bars or “palates” from scratch and they include some very delicious flavor combinations like, strawberry cream, mango, fruit with chile, watermelon and cookie.

The “bolis” which are like fresh fruit ice pops, come in a tasty array of flavors like pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberry and banana.

They also have traditional drinks like Horchata and pink lemonade along with good old fashioned sodas in bottles.

The restaurant is open on from noon to 8 p.m. on Monday and Friday, 3-8 p.m. Saturday and noon to 8 p.m. Sunday.

As they continue with renovations, the Martinez’s plan to make additions to the menu and in the future, Vanessa wants to start catering baby showers.

But for now, they are happy to welcome folks from all over the area to try their unique cuisine.

“We’ve had people travel from all over when they hear about us,” Danny said. “We are just happy to serve them.”