The dynamic duo, Jodi Castelli and Mark Niemi, are at it again. The same artistic pair that brought Denison the Giant Red Guitar at Heritage Park is about to put the finishing touches on three Main Street dumpsters.

Many downtown visitors have been pleasantly surprised to watch the metamorphosis of the drab green dumpsters changing to lively patterned dumpsters.

“It was fun talking to people and getting their positive reactions,” Castelli said.

“Activate the Alleys” is born out of the need for parking improvements and renovation of the alleys to be completed before the construction starts along Main Street.

“The best thing is that something so simple can have so much impact,” Niemi said.

Denison Main Street Director Donna Dow said the dumpsters are meant to encourage people to park on the side streets and in nearby lots. That way, downtown visitors can either access back doors to businesses or walk through the alleys toward Main Street.

“Our dumpster painting project is part of an overall plan to ‘Activate the Alleys’ in Downtown Denison,” she said. “This is an effort to claim the space so patrons will feel both safe and entertained utilizing the alleys. Our dumpster pilot project is the first phase of alley activation, and the response we have received is tremendous. We love partnering with our local artists and showcasing their talents.”

Through the efforts of the Main Street Advisory Board, the Main Street Design Committee, the Denison Arts Council and the Denison Performing Arts, hopefully, all of the Downtown Dumpsters will reflect the creativity of the artistic community of Denison, Dow said.

Five blocks of the alley between Main Street and Chestnut will be the first phase of the dumpster painting project. The Main Street Committee said there will be more creative developments to come.