Today is Veterans Day — a day of remembrance and recognition for those who have served in the armed forces of our nation.

Always held on Nov. 11, Veterans Day is an outgrowth of Armistice Day, the day when all major hostilities in World War I ceased. They stopped officially at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 — thus ending the war.

Originally known as the Great War, it consisted of a global nature not previously experienced, and it was touted as the war to end all wars. We know now, of course, that such was not the case.

From the opening volleys of the American Revolution to our nation’s post Sept. 11 war on terror, a call to arms has been a necessary component of our republic.

During that span, our veterans have won the freedom of millions of people abroad, and they have protected our freedom and security at home. For the sacrifices they have made, and the devotion they have brought to their service, we owe them our heartfelt thanks and deepest respect.

As our veterans have served, so also have their families — in a different way, but a vital way nonetheless. The support from spouses, children and other relatives has been of great value, and the sacrifices they have made are deeply appreciated.

While members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and their reserves have performed valiantly abroad, our nation’s national guard and coast guard have given invaluable service at home.

In the wake of hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters, national guard units have served tirelessly and given comfort that was sorely needed. And, our coast guard has performed rescue operations and coastal interdictions that have saved lives and protected our security.

All of these efforts, and so many other acts of patriotism, have been conducted by our treasured veterans. For your service and devotion, we salute you veterans and we thank you.

Happy birthday Saturday to Horace Mills of Sherman; Randal Mallard of Tom Bean; Don Sadler of Trenton, Jon Sadler of Leonard; Windell Walters of Allen; and Joyce Smith White of Walnut Springs.

Happy anniversary Saturday to George and Beverly DeHorney of Denison, 46 years; and Phyllis and Bobby Branham of Bells, 45 years.